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Designing for Persons with Down Syndrome

I began pursuing design education to answer the question “why put that element there”? Why is the search box at the top right, and the menu button at the top left? Why are most navigation menus on the left? I was of the impression that design gurus placed elements on talent, whim and vibe; that the horizontal rule is there because it felt right. While there is a place for intuition in the design process, what I learned was that design decisions should also be based on research. Research may be user and task analysis that you performed, or it may be existing research related to the goals of your audience. Design research in addition to best practices provides a box for me to design in.

Good design is not about thinking outside the box, It’s about finding the right box to think inside. - Aza Raskin

The Designing for Down Syndrome project was the last piece of course work for my...

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Windows 8 UI Complaints and Ideas

I’ve been using Windows 8.1 on a Surface for about a month now. It is a beautiful operating system that is delightful to see and use, but like most things in life, there is room for improvement. As an Interaction Designer, using the OS awakens discontented observationalism; mindless utility is often interrupted by ponderings upon gestures and the behavior of dialogs. It soon became apparent that I might as well collate these thoughts and observations and send them off to Microsoft, in the hopes that someone is listening.

Discontented observationalism is the designer’s modus operandi. Design is fundamentally about improvement. To be ever heedful takes a special mind. One that observes in great detail to the extent of scrutinizing the subject, sometimes to the grievance of those around. - Morgan Knutson

Live Tiles

The good thing about live tiles is that content is glance-able, and...

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